New Build Oak Barn

The use of reclaimed materials; red clay bricks to wrap the lower perimeter and clay roofing tiles on the hipped roof are just some of the key features of this new build barn and a foremost reason as to why this barn is so uniquely charming. The materials are sustainable, match the existing house, and are in line with the surrounding rural environment. The stunning oak frame itself features a green grain that compliments the rustic build and is locally sourced from The Cotswolds area. The internal timber oak rafters and purlins have been left exposed with intention whilst the internal walls have been finished with line render and decorated. The barn also features external tongue & groove cladding and elegant bespoke air-dried oak barn doors.

A refurbishment of the hard-wood windows & doors of the existing house and a gravel driveway aesthetically compliments this charismatic new build.

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