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It’s hard to believe the construction sector accounts for nearly 40% of global carbon emissions. As a family business, we want to play an active role in slowing the pace of climate change. This is why we are working hard to develop a roadmap of how our business – and the projects we deliver – can make a positive contribution to the world.


We’re constantly refining our processes to keep waste to a minimum; we re-use materials wherever possible; and we’re committed to making sure our specifications are as environmentally conscious as possible. What’s more, we’re very happy to help and advise on the potential integration of renewable technologies on our projects.

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Local, sustainable supply chain

Supporting and collaborating with local suppliers is absolutely fundamental to our sustainability strategy. In doing so, we are able to lessen our environmental and social impacts and support growth in our regional economy. If this is something that’s important to you, you’ll be pleased to know that wherever possible, we source products, services and support from local companies and manufacturers.

Your questions answered

Yes, we do. Right now, it’s unavoidable and reducing plastic in the supply chain is one of the biggest challenges faced by the construction sector. However, the good news is, the brick, block and tile manufacturers are working really hard to reduce the use of single-use plastic for shrink wraps, and plastic banding on pallets. We’re now sending much less plastic to landfill than we were 5 years ago – and we look forward to a time when it’s no longer part of the supply chain.

We’re currently working on producing a sustainability roadmap. As part of this process, we’re aiming to work more closely with our suppliers – both the builders’ merchants and the product manufacturers – to understand the sustainable characteristics of the products we use. For example, there’s a mis-conception that building products like clay bricks and concrete tiles and blocks are bad for the planet. But, the truth is a little different! We read the data; make it our business to understand the facts and specify accordingly.

Yes! We are often asked how we might integrate renewable technologies such as ground source heat pumps (which, by the way are really cost effective in long term); rainwater harvesting systems; solar technologies; or greener options for insulation. Sometimes, we’re able to integrate and engineer the installation of these options ourselves. And sometimes, specialist help is required. We’ll advise on this at during the briefing and quotation stage of the project.

Yes we do. Every project generates a fair amount of waste. However, wherever possible and practical, we work with our waste contractors to find another ‘second use’ for unwanted waste aggregate; ‘muck-away’; soil; timber and building material.