About us

Our Story


Founded in 2018 by husband-and-wife team Paul Aubrey and Aisling Wicks, Corella was built upon the belief that there is a dire need for the construction industry to work more responsibly – both ethically and socially. 



Through a combination of Paul’s 20-year professional experience in the construction industry, Aisling’s experience as both a qualified social worker and graduate of the prestigious Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Programme, and alongside a brilliant team of like-minded talented people, Corella stands strong as a credible, professional, socially conscious and purpose driven business. 



Shocked by the damning state of mental health crisis in the construction industry, frustrated with the poor professional reputation of industry standards and practices, and with great concern for the future of the industry and of the impact that the industry has on both people and the planet, Corella set out to be part of the change we want to see in the industry. 


Corella is a family-run Wiltshire-based building contractor delivering high-quality residential projects across Wiltshire, Bath and North East Somerset (BANES), West Berkshire, and the South Cotswolds.  We’re committed to high quality standards and practices, customer service, team mental and physical health and wellbeing, and sustainability and social responsibility.

Meet our directors

Paul Aubrey, Company Director​ of Corella Construction

Paul Aubrey

Company Director​ - Sales and Operations

Paul heads up the operations and sales side of Corella and has a proven history of delivering high-quality projects throughout his 20 years of experience in the construction industry. He is passionate about raising the standards in the industry through both the personal, collaborative approach he offers to clients, as well as the positive working environment he creates for the team.

Aisling Wicks, Managing Director of Corella Construction

Aisling Wicks

Company Director - Business Development

Our co-founder, Aisling, leads the business development side of the company and is a graduate of the esteemed Goldman Sachs 10K Small Businesses Programme. Her background in social work means she can combine her passion for business strategy with her commitment to supporting positive mental health in the construction industry.

Our Purpose

To bring visions of exceptionally crafted homes to life.

Our Vision

To be the leading example of a socially responsible company

in the construction industry.

Our Mission

To bring social responsibility to the heart of the construction industry

whilst maintaining the highest standards of excellence. 

Our Values

Quality and Standards

Our experienced and skilled tradespeople deliver outstanding work – we take pride in what we do and pay close attention to the finer details. We  champion best practice; we’re independently audited for the quality of our work and compliance, and we prioritise continuous professional development by proactively nurturing and developing talent within our team.


Our team work closely with customers, trusted subcontractors, suppliers, and other industry professionals as one holistic team. Relevant parties are involved as early as possible in the conception and planning stages so that our projects run smoothly. We’ve also invested in industry-specific project management software to optimise planning, project management, and communication with all involved.


We’re always looking at what’s coming next – what are the latest trends, innovations, and training needs are in the industry? What do our customers, team, and society want and need? What do the next generation of builders want from an employer? We proactively monitor external factors which could impact the shape and stability of our business to ensure we’re ahead of the curve.

Team Wellbeing

We proactively care for our team – we tackle the causes of poor mental health in the industry and we uphold the importance of solid health and safety practices. We’re a friendly, thriving team who check-in with one another so we can drive forward together and ensure both project success and continued professional development.

Social Responsibility

We are doing our part in the race to NetZero and are committed to providing opportunities to local communities. We strive to be a conscious contractor, positively impacting the lives of those we work with while simultaneously creating an inclusive work environment that welcomes everyone.

Supporting positive mental health

The construction industry is in the midst of a mental health crisis. This is something we want to change. We’re proud supporters of Mates in Mind, a charity that campaigns for more open conversations about mental health in our sector. We believe mental and physical safety and wellbeing need equal focus – and we’ve developed working practices and a nurturing culture to support this thinking.

Led by our co-founder Aisling, a trained mental health first aider, we work hard to raise awareness within our team on mental health issues. Aisling takes the lead in ensuring we stamp out potential causes of isolation and poor mental health. For example, we know the harm so-say ‘harmless banter’ on-site can cause. And, we don’t encourage late or weekend work as standard.

Health & Safety


Health & Safety is not a tick-box exercise at Corella. 


We proudly deliver ongoing and targeted health and safety training and development, subsidised in part by the training fund provided by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB).


We work with specialist H&S advisors to ensure we fully understand and manage all potential risks involved in our daily operations;

we educate our team on safe working practices and empower everyone to maintain a safe working environment.