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As part of the Corella team, you’ll benefit from a welcoming, inclusive culture where you’re able to be yourself and your skills and potential will be nurtured.

Whether you’re experienced in construction or entering the industry for the first time, we’re always keen to hear from people who share our vision and values and are interested in joining our team.



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Why join the team?

Career Progression

The construction industry offers opportunity.
We provide ongoing training for all of our employees across a wide range of areas. We recruit with the aim of retaining and investing in people for the long-term, supporting their growth and development, giving them the ability to work their way up within the company.

We're passionate about investing in, and highlighting, expertise in the industry. We offer apprenticeships, uphold a strong commitment to quality and standards, we want to raise professional reputation of the industry in terms of quality, reliability, compliance, and skill.

Culture & Values

We are a people business.
Our employees are at the fore of the company's decisions, we encourage open communication to make sure everyone's thoughts are considered when company-wide decisions are made.

We hold regular whole team meetings and socials, and operate in such a way that focuses on the positive impact we can have on our coworkers, and their families, as well as the wider community.

Social Hours

There is more to life than work.
We run our sites to ensure employees work no more than 8-hour days, including paid lunch breaks. We don't work evenings and weekend as standard.

We want our employees to avoid the emotional and physical burnout that comes with working additional and long hours, often the standard practice in the construction industry, and we aim to mitigate the damaging impact that this can have on our teams personal lives, important relationships, and mental health.

Competitive Pay

We are a real living wage employer.
On top of paying all of our team at least the real living wage, we make sure we offer a competitive pay, especially when compared to similar roles in other construction companies.

We value the skill and experience of the workforce, and our investment in training, development, and opportunities increases the earning potential of those who work with us. We are a transparent company and welcome open conversations around pay and progression.

Mental Health

Construction is battling a mental health crisis.
Corella was founded with a genuine passion to tackle the causes of poor mental health in the industry, and we proactively challenge procedural and cultural norms that impact wellbeing.

We want to raise awareness of the mental health crisis in the industry and the supports available, and want to create a workplace and industry that talks openly about mental health - removing the stigma that prevents people from seeking help.

Inclusive Environment

Construction is for everyone.
We encourage those from underrepresented groups to apply to work with us. We know that our team, the industry, and society can only really engage its full potential when we come together as a diverse team of people and ideas. We want to be the change.

We're not simply ticking a diversity, ethnicity, and inclusion check-box; we want to create a company and an industry in which everyone can feel they belong, and are safe and valued. We have grassroots conversations to promote an enviornment that is truly welcoming.

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