Timber Framed Garage & Hard Landscaping – Wiltshire

This timber-framed triple garage with a slated gable roof was designed for the storage of machinery, it has huge character and a generous loft space. Importantly, it fits seamlessly into the beautiful surrounding Somerset countryside and perfectly complements a newly renovated home.

Within the hard-landscaping, the feature modern frameless glass balustrades provide for safety and security while offering unobstructed views of the impressive hard-landscaping works, which taper just below the composite deck, and the wider countryside. The blue pennant stone quarried in nearby Wales is an ideal choice for the gabion baskets and retaining walls; it is extremely hardwearing and particularly resistant to weathering. The gabion baskets themselves are filled with stone and other recycled and reclaimed materials which can foster nature through planting, the gaps in rocks can also shelter small animals.

  • Services:

    New build, landscaping